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Are you considering a trip from Mangalore to Puttur? Let Mangalore Tempo Traveller be your reliable companion on this exciting journey. Departing from Mangalore, you'll embark on a scenic drive through the beautiful landscapes of coastal Karnataka. As you travel towards Puttur, you'll be captivated by its lush greenery, serene countryside, and warm hospitality. Puttur is known for its rich cultural heritage, historic temples, and vibrant markets. Don't miss the chance to visit the famous Mahalingeshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, and experience the spiritual ambiance of this sacred site. Additionally, explore the bustling markets of Puttur, where you can shop for traditional handicrafts, spices, and local produce. Indulge in the flavors of authentic coastal Karnataka cuisine at local eateries, sampling delicious dishes like Neer Dosa, Kori Roti, and Mangalorean Fish Curry. Immerse yourself in the local culture by attending traditional festivals and cultural events, where you can witness colorful rituals and performances. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a foodie, or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, Puttur offers something for everyone to enjoy. So pack your bags, gather your friends and family, and embark on an unforgettable journey to Puttur with Mangalore Tempo Traveller for a memorable and enriching travel experience.

Hire our tempo traveller in Mangalore for your trip to - which is - km/ - hours drive from Mangalore.

Benefits of Hiring a Tempo Traveller

When it comes to traveling from Mangalore to Puttur, hiring a Tempo Traveller has numerous benefits. Here are a few reasons why opting for our Tempo Traveller service is a great choice: Comfort and Convenience: Our Tempo Travellers are spacious and well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable journey for all passengers. With ample legroom and plush seating, you can sit back and relax throughout the trip. Additionally, our Tempo Travellers come with modern amenities such as air conditioning and entertainment systems, making your journey even more enjoyable. Flexibility: Hiring a Tempo Traveller provides you with the freedom to travel at your own pace. Unlike public transportation, you can stop at any destination along the way and spend as much time as you want exploring the attractions. This flexibility allows you to create an itinerary that suits your preferences and interests. Safety: With our experienced and reliable drivers, you can rest assured that your safety is our top priority. Our drivers are well-versed with the route from Mangalore to Kudremukh and will ensure a smooth and secure journey. Additionally, our Tempo Travellers undergo regular maintenance checks to ensure they are in excellent condition.

Mangalore to - tempo traveller Rate Chart

Below Rates are Applicable for :-

12 Seater Tempo Traveller

Rs - to - per Day Fare
Per km fare: Rs

9 Seater Maharaja Tempo Traveller

Rs - to - per Day Fare
Per km fare: Rs

21 Seater Mini bus

Rs - to - per Day Fare
Per km fare: Rs

Types of Tempo Travellers Available

We offer a variety of Tempo Travellers to cater to different group sizes and preferences. Here are the types of Tempo Travellers we have:

9-Seater Tempo Traveller: Perfect for small groups or families, the 9-seater Tempo Traveller provides ample space and comfort for a cozy journey. It is equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a pleasant travel experience.

12-Seater Tempo Traveller: If you are traveling with a slightly larger group, the 12-seater Tempo Traveller is an ideal choice. It offers more seating capacity without compromising on comfort and convenience.

17-Seater Tempo Traveller: For larger groups or corporate outings, the 17-seater Tempo Traveller is the best option. With spacious interiors and a range of amenities, this Tempo Traveller can accommodate a sizable group comfortably.

No matter the size of your group, we have a Tempo Traveller that suits your needs. All our Tempo Travellers are well-maintained and undergo regular cleaning to ensure a hygienic environment for our passengers.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Tempo Traveller

Before booking a Tempo Traveller for your trip from Mangalore to Kudremukh, there are a few factors to consider. These factors will help you make an informed decision and ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey:

Group Size: Determine the number of people traveling with you to choose the right size of Tempo Traveller. It's important to have enough space for everyone to sit comfortably.

Budget: Set a budget for your travel expenses, including the cost of hiring a Tempo Traveller. Consider the duration of your trip, distance to be covered, and any additional charges that may apply.

Amenities: Decide on the amenities you require during the journey. Our Tempo Travellers come with various features such as air conditioning, comfortable seating, entertainment systems, and more.

Duration of the Trip: Consider the duration of your trip and the number of stops you plan to make along the way. This will help you determine the ideal rental duration for the Tempo Traveller.

By taking these factors into account, you can select the perfect Tempo Traveller that meets your specific requirements and ensures a hassle-free journey.

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